Hoda! Like stepping into a conversation that has been going on for years -that’s how it felt as soon as I first heard Hoda’s voice. That very familiar, passionate and fun-loving voice. I had so many things to talk about probably because it really did feel like I was catching up with a lifelong friend. “How’s the puppy?” “What’s on your playlist?” “What are you reading?” On and on…

Insightful and inspirational, one of the things that really stands out is when Hoda talks about asking for what you want. She shared that asking for the 4th hour of the Today Show was the sort of thing  she had never done. Coming right out and asking for what she knew she wanted. It was after a breast cancer diagnosis and all that followed that made her really think about her goals and plans. Hoda also talked about being who you are -100%. “You do you” It doesn’t have to be quite right all of the time and people will relate more to that. She also stressed never quitting. “Too many people give up and it’s the ones who stick around and keeping ‘doing it’ who make it.”

I asked Hoda who she’d like to interview. After giving it some thought she said , “Kate Middleton.” She said we don’t hear much from Kate and she’d like to hear what Kate has to say. I would love to hear that interview. I imagine it would sound like Hoda and Kate were lifelong girlfriends…

Interview begins at :12




12 thoughts on “HODA!!!

  1. robinkall says:

    So cool!! The interview with Hoda is in this link…I did that ahead of the show.
    Yesterday’s show with Ellen Meister and Lyssa Weiss will be posted soon. So -you won’t miss a thing 🙂

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