J.J. Partridge and Julia Fierro


Fun show alert! My first guest, J.J. Partridge is the author of Scratched ,the third novel in the Algy Temple series.

From southern Italy to a Rhode Island landfill, Algy Temple confronts the reality of organized crime in Providence and a vendetta spanning across continents. I really enjoyed having Jack in-studio and look forward to the next time. A true Renaissance man.


Julia Fierro is a novelist and founder/director of The Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop. Cutting Teeth is Julia’s debut novel and it was one of my favorite books from summer ’15.  I was suggesting it everywhere and was so happy to see it receive much well-deserved attention.

Listen in as Julia and I chat about everything from the loneliness that brought her to Craig’s list to our proposed “Brooklyn to RI” tour ,complete with Sackett Street Pop-up! Our segment also includes lots of author love and shout-out including but not limited to: Ted Thompson, Emma Straub, Mira Jacob, Anna Solomon.

For a chance to win a copy of Scratched or Cutting Teeth please tune into the podcast and let me know:
1. What did Jack say is the secret to a happy marriage

2. How many students have come through Sackett Street per Julia?

Good luck!




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