Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni


Nobody puts it better than Frank Bruni –he just makes so much sense! You must read this book and chill out. The anxiety connected to pinning hopes on that one perfect school is ultimately a disservice to our children.

Frank will be traveling around spreading the college gospel. Check out his schedule and join in the movement -an antidote to the college admissions mania!

I had a blast chatting with Frank and look forward to continuing the converstion

To win a copy of Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be please comment in the space below and share something that happened in college that you hope your kids will never find out about!

For an extra fun treat–here is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite shows –Avenue Q! I Wish I Could Go Back To College! ( warning -adult language)

2 winners wil be selected on Monday, March 30th. US only.





8 thoughts on “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni

  1. Claudia Rivera says:

    I went to college while my kids where still young, so I didn’t get a chance to do anything crazy. I was too tired with school work, finals, and taking care of my kids and hubby.

    Our oldest will be looking into college in a couple of years, so this book would be great.

  2. robinkall says:

    Hi Claudia,

    Well that would be a whole other story. I cannot even imagine going to college and taking care of a family. Congrats to you for that. You are entered and I hope you win 🙂


  3. Bonnie Franks says:

    Never got the chance to go to college but could sure use this as I have many grandchildren who will!

    Ps….I did many of those things we don’t want our kids to know without the benefit of higher learning but please don’t tell anyone. 🙂

  4. liandolan says:

    Hi, Robin…

    I actually hope my kids make the same mistakes I did in college– and that they never tell me!

    Loved the interview. Would love to read the book as my junior son starts the process. But I’m more cynical the second time around. Lian

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