As Seen On Shark Tank! Daisy Cakes!! And Daisy…


Just in time for Easter (sorry Passover people) is my interview with Kim “Daisy” Nelson the lovely southern baker with a compelling family story. When I watched her on Shark Tank and she made a deal with Barbara Corcoran the rest, as they say, would be history. Stay tuned for event information. I’m bringing miss Daisy up North!

A very special giveaway for Reading With Robin fans. We are giving away The Oh!Oh!Orange which is a “cake of the month club” selection -April’s!


Contest rules (US ONLY) – Contest ends Monday, April 6th and the winner will be notified by email.  In the comments section below please talk a little bit about a beloved family dessert, either one that’s been passed down for generations or one that is beginning its own journey.  I love family stories! In addition you will win a copy of Daisy Cakes pictured above. This is one delicious cookbook and it starts off with “the story”  I adore it and Daisy! In addition there are “runner up” prizes of the cookbook (and you can order up a cake online!) 8 copies will be given away and if you don’t can’t win. In addition please head over to my Reading With Robin page and “like” me. Good luck!


Here I am with my Grandmother’s award winning Sour Cream Cake. A proud moment, indeed. If you squint you might be able to make out in the framed family photos that same cake at two family get togethers. One bite and it’s 1973 for me!

28 thoughts on “As Seen On Shark Tank! Daisy Cakes!! And Daisy…

  1. SharonH says:

    I NEED that orange cake in my life. I doubt I could ever make it myself but I guess I could try. Our family’s beloved dessert is made by my mother-in-law and I think it would be a toss up between her Texas Sheet Cake or her homemade Red Velvet. If I had to choose, I’d take the Red Velvet!

  2. ldav3 says:

    Definitely my mother-in-law’s Hand-Me-Down chocolate cake. She has been making it for every one of my children’s birthdays. She never misses one and we can’t celebrate a birthday until she brings it over!

  3. Robin in NC says:

    My mom used to make the best chocolate cakes! She always baked one on each of our birthdays. They were so moist & chocolatey! She made them using Hershey’s cocoa powder, She never was a measurer, so it seemed like when I tried to bake them, they didn’t quite taste as yummy. Maybe it was because I didn’t make mine with the same amount of love. 😉 I miss her dearly.

  4. Robin in NC says:

    I forgot to mention that Oh!Oh!Orange Cake…if that doesn’t just shout, It’s Spring Y’all!! It looks so delicious & refreshing! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. robinkall says:

    Hi Robin! Oh, the love baked into a cake. Thank you for sharing this. That’s the way they baked and i know in our family there are some of my great grandmother’s recipes -sugar cookies and other that we’ve tried to replicate and they come close but…and one of my cousins watched and wrote down and still. My grandmother’s were all written down.
    Funny thing about these recipes, my great grandmother would say it’s sugar, eggs, flour, shortening..butter whatever and that’s all..but that was never all…
    I miss my dear mother as well…all the time..
    Do I have you on my email list? If not please email

  6. Bonnie Franks says:

    The recipe that I remember most from childhood is the eggless chocolate cake. It came from my mother’s great-grandmother and of course, was not written down. Somehow, they all got together at one point and put it together. I can think of a lot of my family members who always asked for it and I was certainly one. It is so good. I don’t make it as much as I used to, but it will always be a favorite.

  7. Claudia Rivera says:

    My mom wasn’t a baker. If she baked it was from a box. Both my grandmother’s lived in other countries, therefore I didn’t have the privilege to learn from them or know of any famous desserts known in the family.

    When I got married things changed. I had always enjoyed cooking, but baking became my passion. To make a long story short, I make lots of desserts. My family’s favorite thus far are my orange cranberry scones. I make them once a week and have been for the past year and they LOVE them.

  8. Diane La Rue (@bookchickdi) says:

    Whenever it was my birthday, I would always ask my grandma to make her famous Crazy Cake. I would pull up a chair in her kitchen, watch her mix the ingredients and then wait impatiently while the cake cooled so she could frost it and put sprinkles on it. My grandma passed away last year, and these are my fondest memories of her.

  9. Julia reffner says:

    My most favorite family dessert tradition is butter cookies. This recipe started with my great grandma, who lost both parents to illness and was adopted in Ireland and later came to America. She made these cookies with my grandmother. My grandmother made them with my mother…who actually started early labor for me while making them…today grandma is 86…so I do the rolling and my kids do the decorating but it is still an early December tradition. We even came up to ny from Virginia to help make the cookies this year…

  10. conniepsaunders says:

    Hi Robin, this cake looks SOooo good! The family recipe I would like to mention is actually a pie recipe that was given to me by my aunt. She made it for many years and now, I continue to make it. French Coconut Pie is very easy to make but very rich and Oh, so delicious! I am lucky to have it chosen to be in an upcoming Gooseberry Patch cookbook and I given my aunt credit by naming my entry ‘Aunt Bernice’s French Coconut Pie’.

    Thanks for featuring ‘Daisy’ and offering this great giveaway!

    • robinkall says:

      Hi Connie!
      Oh wow that does sound rich!!congrats for sharing it in a cookbook!! that’s awesome..
      you are welcome. thanks for playing…send your friends by!


  11. susieqlaw says:

    My Aunt makes the most delicious cake…from scratch. The cake is at least three layers with homemade icing in between each layer and icing on top and sides. The cake is yellow and lemony with coconut in the layers. My mouth is watering just thinking about this cake.

  12. Beth Housley says:

    My Mom was a young widow,37, with two young daughters. Money was always tight and snacks were a luxury item. Every Birthday she’d make me a fruit cocktail cake with whipped cream. Its a simple recipe to make,2 cups flour,can of fruit cocktail,2 eggs,1 1/2 cups of sugar and some vanilla bake in a 9×13 at 350 45 mins. But the memories of that cake are priceless. I’d love to win the Orange cake for my Mom her favorite ice cream is a cremsicle so I know she’d love this🌻

      • robinkall says:

        Congratulations, Beth! You are the winner of this gorgeous Oh!Oh!Orange cake!! Please email me with your address and Daisy will send one out to you!! Enjoy! Please share a photo on my Reading With Robin Facebook page so we can all see! Robin

  13. Marcy Mont says:

    My mom was an amazing cook & baker. When my sister, brother & I were younger, she made all of our birthday cakes and they were amazing themed cakes. One that many of my friends still talk about are her doll cakes.
    My mom didn’t share her recipes for the delicious cakes – but in going through her recipe boxes I did find several of them. It was like finding gold.

    • robinkall says:

      Hi Marcy
      There really is nothing like the homemade birthday cake. My favorite was the boston creme pie (cake) that my dear mother made for years. A few years ago a friend attempted one for me -let’s just say it was the thought that counts.
      Oh..the doll cakes!! Love this. SO glad you found the recipes . Thanks for playing! Robin

  14. Stacy Berman says:

    When I was young, my grandmother used to make her lemon meringue pie. I was amazed at how she would whip up the meringue to such amazing peaks. She used to tell me that it depended on the size of the egg you used. She told me that if you used small eggs, you ended up with small egg meringue. If you used larger eggs, you got large egg meringue. To this day, I still talk about large egg meringue when I whip up egg whites for any recipe. And, of course, I still make her lemon meringue pie…..with the highest peaks I can.

  15. beautyntravel says:

    My mom loved to make pies and she would ask us which pie we wanted for our birthday. I was chocolate cream, my dad was lemon meringue, my older sister apple and my older brother cherry. I grew up in Ohio and if it’s not the pie capital of the U.S. I would be surprised!

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