The Year My Mother Came Back with Alice Eve Cohen

alice eve

One of the unique things about Reading With Robin radio is that guests will tell me that they feel immediately comfortable, like they are talking to an old friend. The more I think about this I realize it’s because I book interviews with like-minded people, kindred spirits. Chatting with Alice Eve Cohen was exactly that. Reading someone’s memoir does provide a certain amount of insight, add to that the fact that Alice is one of three girls and we were off and running! This is a special book. Please put it on your nightstand and share it with friends.

2 thoughts on “The Year My Mother Came Back with Alice Eve Cohen

  1. Claudia R. says:

    I enjoyed listening to the interview. The 5×7 book is so cute and the cover is beautiful! I’m a sucker for beautiful book covers. The smallest book I have in my bookshelf is “for one more day” by Mitch Albom and it is also 5×7 and perfect for my small hands.

    Listening to Alice and you Robin talk about your mother’s makes me appreciate my mother more now that I’m a mother myself and feel blessed to still have my mother. I understand my mother now more than I did in my teen years. So true about the mother-daughter relationships.

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