Haven Lake by Holly Robinson


Tune in to hear Holly Robinson and me chat about her latest novel, Haven Lake. There is a lot of talk of wine and Holly and I are looking forward to picking a date over the summer. Lots to talk about!

To win a copy of Haven Lake- in the comments below please share -Where is YOUR Haven Lake? The winner will be announced Wednesday, April 23rd. US only.

15 thoughts on “Haven Lake by Holly Robinson

  1. Bonnie Franks says:

    My Haven Lake is in New Jersey and is literally a lake. Many of young life events center around it for many people from my generation.

  2. Susan Roberts says:

    My haven lake is Lake Michigan in Ludington Michigan. I have been going there since I was a kid. You can first see the lake from about 2 blocks away and it still excites me when I see it. I live in NC now and don’t get back there too often but I still dream of it

  3. Bonnie K. says:

    My haven lake is my living room in my favorite chair reading a book with some background easy listening music.

  4. Ruth Lyons Mazur says:

    My Haven Lake is Lake Tamarack in Sussex County, New Jersey. My husband grew up inthe lake and after we were married we spent a lot of time vacationing there. It’s so peaceful and relaxing sitting inthe each o walking around the lake.

  5. SharonH says:

    Oh Robin. I’d love to come up with something “dreamy” or awesome but I love this certain chair in my living room, with a cup of coffee and a book, I’m in heaven right there.

  6. Claudia R. says:

    I must say my “haven lake” is my couch which has an ottoman attached. I love laying on my stomach while I read. I also have a book light right next to the sofa for my night reading. We do have a balcony, but since we live in an apartment there isn’t much privacy, so I read indoors.

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