The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg


When it comes to an Elizabeth Berg novel, who can have favorites? The favorite would be the one most recently released. In the case of her latest , The Dream Lover…this just might be it. I know, I know.. I never say things like this but I just devoured it. To then go on to have an afternoon chat about this gorgeous novel how it came to be, well if there is a “lit-high” this was it! I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did. I was literally soaking in Elizabeth’s passionate prose!

To win a copy of The Dream Lover please comment in the section below. Who is YOUR idea dream lover? US only contest ends Thursday April 30th. (please enter to win only if you haven’t won a book in the past month)

4 thoughts on “The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg

  1. Holly Robinson says:

    Elizabeth Berg is one of the writers who inspired me to write! I used to read her essays in women’s magazines, and then began writing essays for those same magazines…eventually I started writing fiction, partly because I loved her novels. So nice to know that she has a new book out!

  2. beautyntravel says:

    I don’t want to win, but I do want to say I really enjoyed listening to your interview with Elizabeth Berg. I wish I was closer to Chicago, so I could attend some of the fun writing programs she puts together. I really enjoyed The Dream Lover and I felt like I was almost studying for an historical literature class! I think all I knew about George Sand before I read the book was that she wore men’s clothes! What a rich time period and I feel so enruched, having read the book. Thanks!

  3. robinkall says:

    Thanks so much for tuning in. I know, Elizabeth does fabulous writing programs!
    I agree -what a book. It’s fun to learn about a rich character in history through the magic of fiction!

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