The Sound of Glass by Karen White


A book steeped in generational family secrets? Sign me up!
NY Times Bestselling author Karen White is back with another gorgeous story about characters we love to read about. The Sound of Glass will take you on a family journey that just might get you thinking of some of your own family secrets and whether they are better off left as just that.

To win a copy of The Sound of Glass comment in the section below about a great family secret you have unearthed. No details necessary…we’ll believe you!

US Residents only . Contest ends 5/22. Please share this post to be entered twice.  Good luck!

25 thoughts on “The Sound of Glass by Karen White

  1. Bonnie K. says:

    I don’t know how many of our family members know about this, but one of our relative was Billy the Kid. Nothing to brag about. LOL

  2. Melissa Seng says:

    A family member didn’t ever intend to marry who she did.
    She had a secret boyfriend while her boyfriend was overseas during the war.
    After my grandparents both passed away, we found love letters to her that were not from my grandfather.

  3. Sara Harrison says:

    I recently found out that my grandmother grew up with, and was friends with, Grace Kelly in Philadelphia. Grace’s brother used to flirt with my gram all the time. If she’d married him, I’d be related to royalty! I’d practically be a princess myself!

  4. SharonH says:

    I didn’t find it and I’m not sure who did but it was revealed that my dad had a 1/2 sister that no one knew about for 30+ years. His mom and dad were never not married.

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