Farmhouse Rules with Nancy Fuller!


Loved my chat with Nancy Fuller!  We talked about everything from her gorgeous new cookbook, Farmhouse Rules: Simple, Seasonal Meals For The Whole Family to plucking elderberries and sitting out in the fields in this gorgeous wing chair. (see above!) Nancy’s love of family, eating in season and more love of family come shining through on each and every page. Make sure to watch her fun and engaging Farmhouse Rules on Food Network Saturday mornings at 10:30.

To win a copy of Farmhouse Rules please comment below with the name of your favorite farm! Winner will be selected on October 22nd. US Residents only.

23 thoughts on “Farmhouse Rules with Nancy Fuller!

  1. Lynn says:

    Love the Hallene Farm on South County Trail in Exeter, just south of Schartner’s Farm. Small, family run farm with the BEST sweet corn in the state. Stop by in the fall for gourds and pumpkins as well as winter squash. The owners are friendly and the entire family, including their grandchildren work there.

  2. beautyntravel says:

    My favorite farm is Malabar Farm in Lucas Ohio. It has a literary tie in as well as two movie tie ins. The farm was owned by Louis Bromfield, author of several books. Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart were married there and parts of Shawshank Redemption were filmed nearby. It’s an idyllic setting. My grandfather grew up near there too.

  3. Susan Hess says:

    Nikon is Groves in Nikomis, Florida has the grows the best oranges and grapefruit. People come from far and wide for their special “soft serve” ice cream.

  4. Kelly Richtarik says:

    Our family likes Harmony Farm in Scituate. There are tons of blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes to pick from and delicious peaches!

  5. Linda Battista says:

    I love any farm, just went to Buelle Farm in CT and it was great! However, I have to go with my local Schartner Farm for my favorite. From picking strawberries and blueberries to pumpkins and Christmas trees, eating their pies and their curly fries, hay wagon rides around the farm to the corn maze and pumpkin patch, and buying plants and fresh produce, they are a family tradition.

  6. Wendy Kogan says:

    I love Tougas Farm for apple picking but my favorite is a little farm five blocks from me. Pat’s Blueberry farm has the biggest, sweetest blueberries ever! And Pat gives out blueberry recipes as you are leaving.

  7. Janet B. says:

    I Love Our Old Farm Wheelock Farms, we made our own Maple Syrup in February/March, My Dad is a retired Dairy Farmer and also Farmed the land. We took meals to him and us kids would play in the back of the wheat trucks, go mushroom hunting, ride the tractors, all that homemade ice cream we would hand crank and eat, make sassafras tea, pick pawpaw’s from the pawpaw tree, always eating mulberries from the tree in the field, so many memories, to many to mention. The Good Old Days.

  8. Bonnie K. says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I found her program and have it set to record all the shows. 🙂 There’s an urban one nearby called Soil Born Farms. I used to get deliveries from Farm Fresh to You from the Capay Organics Farm.

    • Bonnie K. says:

      I watched the Murder Mystery dinner episode. She’s a hoot! I can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned the Apple Hill farms. There are over 50 members that sells apples, etc.. I haven’t been there this year. Many families like to go get the apples and some places also have pies, cider and apple donuts to sell.

  9. Denise .O. says:

    My favorite farm is Sweet Home Farm in Elberta Alabama, they make the best fresh homemade cheese! They also offer homemade jellies and many other canned items, everything is fresh and made on site.

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