Searching For John Hughes Jason Diamond


I’ve been looking forward to sharing this fabulous memoir with readers for months and now it is out in the world! Do not miss Jason Diamond’s clever, funny and winning Searching For John Hughes

I have 2 copies to giveaway. To enter please comment below with your favorite John Hughes film. Contest ends 12/2, US residents only

11 thoughts on “Searching For John Hughes Jason Diamond

  1. Tamara Limestahl says:

    For sure The Breakfast Club. I saw it at the theater when it came out and probably a thousand times since then….and I know every word to the movie! 👍🏻😉

  2. Suzy says:

    Honestly, it is so difficult to pick just one. I was a teen in the ’80s and his films were so real for me in the sense that he, as a grown man, understood what is was like to be a teenager. There was something unique to each of his films – Sixteen Candles; The Breakfast Club; She’s Having A Baby; Some Kind of Wonderful; Plains, Trains and Automobiles; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Uncle Buck; Pretty in Pink; Weird Science; and Home Alone. To this day, whenever one of them is on, I always end up watching even though I’ve seen them so many times. They transport me back in time. Not only will there never be another John Hughes, but there will never be teen films like there were in the ’80s.

    P.S. He also had impeccable taste in music. : )

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