RWR Favorites of 2016


2016 was filled with  many incredible books. It was tough to narrow down my list, but narrow it I must. Included are fourteen debuts and eight memoirs. (some are both) These books are thoughtful, funny, hopeful, and brave. Here’s to 2017.  Happy Reading!

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Unknown  th  th

th  th  Searing For John Hughes//

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14 thoughts on “RWR Favorites of 2016

  1. Susan Bucci says:

    Always looking for my next read. Don’t like to finish a book if I’m not excited about the next one! Thanks for a great list!

  2. Susie | Novel Visits says:

    Glad to see both Tuesday Nights in 1980 and The Guineveres on your list. I didn’t feel like either got enough love!

  3. Jill Compagnone says:

    What a great list! Now that I commute to Boston I have been looking for great books to read! I may have to put a few of these on my Christmas list!

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